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Monday, July 26, 2004

An important presentation

      Our group completed a very important presentation in Communications class today. This was a 'country report' - you had to pick a country and speak about its history, politics, culture, economy etc., then pick two prominent companies from the country and speak about them, and finally, spell out what an Indian will have to take care about when transacting business with people of that country. The presentation carried 30% weightage in the entire course, and each group was allotted 25 minutes.

       We had picked Sweden and the two companies we selected were SKF (the bearings giant) and Volvo. Ours was the first such presentation in class, so we could make or break it for ourselves. And ultimately, after a lot of practice, it turned out near perfect today. The professor was very happy with it and our classmates were also all praise. My part came near the end when I had to talk about work culture in Swedish companies and some do's and don't's for an Indian wanting to transact business in Sweden. I myself was quite good, if I may say so, and put across the points well. Overall, our preparation came through well.

       The special point about this presentation was that it was video-recorded. And in the evening, the professor called our group and we watched the cassette and analysed each and every one's performance. I was a bit surprised with my recorded presentation, because it didn't look nearly as good as it had seemed on stage. Specifically, the following came out:
  1.  My voice seemed very monotonous on video, though it was loud and clear.
  2. I was not very fluent and had many intervals of 'er..' between sentences.
  3. My hand gestures were good, but they were restricted. My arms remained at my sides and only the part below the elbow was moving. I need to be more excited about presentations, rather than be matter-of-fact to overcome this.

      But still, we hope to get decent grades here because it was as if we had set a benchmark for the class to follow. The next presentation after us (on France) was overshadowed by ours, I feel, although it was good  by itself.      


Blogger ASHOK VAISHNAV said...

The link from Google may give you sights which can help you in better presentation techniques -- both in reality and also cosmaetically/aesthatecally.
But the fact of the life is that Public speaking generally reflects more a person's personality-- howsoever he may have trained himself.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:08 AM  
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