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Friday, August 20, 2004

Extra-curricular evening - Part II

Continuing from the last post, after the extempore and elocution contests were over, there was a break and then there was a general quiz organized by two of our batchmates. The classroom in which it was held was jampacked. I went with my by-now-usual partner, Samrat Sengupta (he is an excellent quizzer, and has made it to the semi-finals of 'Mastermind India').
The preliminary round seemed a bit on the easier side and we topped it comfortably. Six teams qualified for the final round. The questions now were definitely on the tougher side. Both of us were especially puzzled in the audio-visual questions. The initial lead went to another team and they seemed to be running away with the quiz. However, in one round, we really fired on all cylinders and staged a good comeback. That revival was sustained well enough to get us through all the rounds and finally, we won the quiz. Overall, it was a well-organized quiz and a good experience.

Now, as winners of this round, it falls on us to organize the next quiz. Because of time pressures later, we have to be done with this by next week. Let's see how much we can do.


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