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Reflections, views and descriptions during my stay at IIM Lucknow from July 2004 to March 2006

Location: India

Monday, August 16, 2004

Lucknow visit

I visited Lucknow with two of my friends yesterday. We wanted to watch a movie but the theatre was house-full. So we basically just roamed up and down Hazratganj for a few hours and came back. Some observations from the visit:
  • Movie halls are very expensive. A balcony ticket cost Rs. 80 in a normal, non-multiplex theatre. A movie hall showing a B-grade movie also displayed ticket prices of Rs. 50!
  • Just a few metres from Hazratganj market is the U.P. Vidhan Sabha, magnificent from the outside (draped with horizontal and vertical Indian flags on Independence Day), but the scene of some of the worst legislator behaviour inside.
  • Directly opposite the Vidhan Sabha was the BJP pradesh karyalay. The GPO and LIC offices are also close to the market.
  • Close to the Vidhan Sabha was the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel memorial park, with a big statue of the Sardar. There are a lot of statues of national leaders in Lucknow.
  • From a building opposite the park, loudspeakers blared the usual Hindi patriotic songs. But the sound quality was so bad that the songs were butchered.
  • The market seemed very lacklustre, probably because most of the shops were closed on Independence Day.
  • Bargaining is very prevalent, not just with street-side vendors, but also in shops and stores. One of my friends bought a shirt after bargaining (in spite of there being a sale) from a shop funnily called 'Montie Charlie' (no doubt, derived from Monte Carlo).
  • We had a taste of the famous north Indian chaat and then went to Cafe Coffee Day for having a cold coffee and generally passing time.
  • Finally, we caught a six-seater tempo (a cheaper means of transport than an auto-rickshaw) and came to Aliganj at the IIML City Office and caught the 8.30 pm bus back to the campus.
  • It had rained slightly in the afternoon, so the weather was extremely humid throughout and I was drenched in sweat for most of the time. Had to take a bath on coming back to the campus.

Overall, it was good fun.


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