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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


This is a term I thought of in class today, perhaps I have coined it. Sleepidemic = sleep + epidemic. Why did I think of this? Because this is a condition spreading fast in the class. Slightly more than 14% of the class (9 out of 63) was actually sleeping, with their heads down on their desks, or sunk low in their seats to avoid easy detection by the professor. Obviously, this is not a healthy trend, but it has been observed over the years because of the working habits and some compulsions here.
There are several reasons for this:
  1. Sleeping very late at night, at nearly 4-4.30 am. The first class starts at 9.10am and so people would need to get up atleast 20 minutes before that. They are in the class without having taken their baths and this contributes to drowsiness.
  2. Because of the above-mentioned waking habits, there is no time for tea and breakfast. So there is no energy to absorb what's going on in class. People rush to have tea in the canteen in the 10-minute break between classes, but this does not seem to have too great an effect.
  3. Disinterest, to some extent, and also the dry quality of subjects like Law, which only a few people enjoy.
  4. Suitable conditions in the classroom - comfortable seats, air-conditioning, wide desks to put your head on.

Some professors do become angry and scold these sleeping people, whereas some have lost interest in waking up people, perhaps thinking that the loss is not theirs and the students should be more responsible.


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