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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Summer project presentations - Part I

A contest to present the projects or work carried out during the summer training by the second-years was on yesterday and today, under the name 'Jagruti'. Besides being a contest for the second-years, it also served as a good introduction to us first-years on the kind of work done in different functional areas of management in various companies or organizations.

I didn't attend the presentations in all the functional areas, but only in Systems and General Management & Strategy. Four projects had been shortlisted in each area for final presentation.

Here's what the Systems projects were like:
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions. The project was about providing a quality control mechanism to a billing-testing software in the telecom domain. CTS had developed a software to test the telecom billing software that its clients (telecom service providers) used. The student had to study this software and provide inputs on optimization of the software, making it integrable with various billing software, etc., and finally, to make it suitable to offer as an independent service offering.
  • UTI Bank. The assignment was to evaluate the utility and usage of the large investment in IT that the bank had made. The student had taken a quantitative approach and done multiple linear regression analysis to correlate profitability with IT investment. This approach, however, gave a surprising result - there hardly seemed to be a correlation between the two factors mentioned above. So the value of the whole analysis seemed to be in some doubt.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions. This project was about optimizing the time required and minimizing the error rate in quality inspection of automobiles for a US automobile sector client of CTS. Quality inspections outside the general assembly, i.e. in the paint shop, etc., take place manually and this took a lot of time and resulted in errors in data entry into logs. A PDA-based solution was worked on by the student, which provided an online interface to the records and the interface design was such as to minimize chances of errors.
  • Aditya Birla Group. The student had to come up with the requirements of an e-procurement system common to companies across the group which would help to lower inventory cost significantly. Use was made of an existing pilot project in this area implemented by Grasim.

More in a later post.


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