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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Anecdotes from Operations

The Operations Management classes are very interesting to me by their very subject matter (productivity, facility location, facility layout, etc.). However, they are made much more interesting by the energetic and experienced professor. Some anecdotes from his classes:
  • He starts every class with a quote, a cartoon or some such thing related to the topic to be discussed on the day. These quotes are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always relevant.
  • His assignments consist of video clips relating to Operations which have to be watched and then analyzed and reported on, w.r.t. the concepts taught in class. These clips are really interesting. For instance, two groups have clippings from the classic Charlie Chaplin movie 'Modern Times' to analyze. Our group has got a video on operations strategy at Walt Disney Co.
  • The rule in all classes is that mobile phones must be switched off. Most people do keep them on, in silent mode. However, in three successive OM classes, someone's mobile phone rang. The third time, the professor was really angry, and asked the offender to leave the class. But thereafter, just to lighten the atmosphere, he quoted from an old James Bond film - 'Moonraker'. The quote was: "The first time is happenstance, the second time is coincidence, but the third time is enemy action!"
  • He began today's class on facility layout with a quote - 'Small is beautiful'. He asked whether any of us had read a book by this name. Most of us said we had heard of the book but not read it. And then he says: "So it's like Satyajit Ray films - everyone has heard of them, but nobody has really seen them!"


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