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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Lecture on IPR

Finally got a little time from an increasingly harried schedule to write about a lecture on Intellectual Property Rights that the first years' had as part of our Law curriculum. A renowned expert in the field, and one of the first people in India to do research and practice in this field - Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli - was invited to speak on the topic. Coming on a Sunday, this 3-hour talk (in two slots of 1.5 hours each) was expected to be heavy.

Dr. Ganguli is an engineer by training and spent 20 years as research scientist at Hindustan Lever (till 2001). In 1991, he made a conscious decision not to rise up the corporate ladder the usual way and instead do some work in this emerging field. A very supportive HLL Board gave him the go-ahead and that's how his work in the field started.

Indeed, in the first slot, general topics in IPR, types of IPR and the history of GATT/WTO and TRIPs were discussed - none of which was unknown to me, because our group had a presentation to make on "TRIPs and the Patent Regime for the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector" (it happened today).

However, in the second slot, when major Articles of TRIPs and aspects of the Indian patent law were covered, things became much more interesting. With the entire picture of why the laws were as they were (based on historical reasons) came to light, it made sense and helped to grasp the topic. It was quite fascinating to know about the interaction between various organizations on this matter internationally and to know that Indian law is keeping in pace with the times.


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