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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The screws are tightening

This week and the next (the last week of the term, excluding exams) are turning out to be crunch periods. Multiple demands are tearing most people's schedules apart. Time management is becoming the most essential skill to manage these demands.
Just look at the submissions, quizzes, etc. starting today:

9th Sept. - Accounting quiz
Org. Behaviour term project report submission
13th Sept. - QAM quiz
Operations Mgmt. quiz
14th Sept. - Law presentation and report submission
Law quiz (probable)
Accounting presentation
17th Sept. - Economics presentation and term project report submission

Combined with some extra-curricular activities that I am pursuing and the extra reading that I am doing, the (waking) time utilization is close to 100% over an 18-hour day. Some other students are having a much tougher time of it because the dates of all these submissions and/or presentations are very concentrated around one or two days.
And I have not talked of the end-term exams which begin on the 20th of Sept. yet. Some tough days ahead.


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