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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Conducted a quiz

My quizzing partner here and I conducted a general trivia quiz here yesterday. Overall, it was a good experience that taught us something about marketing and operational issues.

Firstly, about the quiz itself. We made use of some questions I had created over some time and some of the large number of questions that my partner had to set the quiz. We had a preliminary written round of 20 questions. The top 6 teams from this round entered the finals. The finals had 5 rounds - a general round, a pyramid-connect round, a visual round, a speciality topic round and a general round to complete it. The administrative processes for getting a classroom for the purpose are well-established because of the plethora of events that take place here, so we didn't have any problems on that front.

The quiz went off fairly well, except for some problems I mention below, which are also my learnings from the experience:
  1. Announcing the event: We did not aggressively publicize the quiz. Consequently, many people were unaware of the correct date, and thought it was going to be held today. We created an announcement and stuck it on the Mess notice board, and also sent out an email to the whole student community about the event. However, the Mess notice board is pretty cluttered these days, and the message did not enjoy enough visibility, and the email server is also playing tricks these days.
  2. Product positioning: The quiz was to be positioned so as to attract any person to be attracted to have a go. This positioning is achieved by using complimentary questions (with answers provided) along with the announcement/ad for the quiz. We selected 3 questions which we thought were fairly easy and work-out-able, but through yesterday, the feedback I received from people was that the questions actually had seemed very difficult to them and had put them off a bit.
  3. Resolving conflicts: The elimination round had one question on geography which we had not phrased properly, and led to a conflict, with one team insisting their answer should be considered right, while we tried to convince them about our required answer. Moreover, the team was also tied with other teams and if they got this question right, they would be in the finals. The team members got very worked up, and we stuck to our answer. As a result, they refused to participate in the tie-breaker and walked out. This left a bad taste in my mouth. we had failed one of our customers, so to speak.
  4. Level of questions: Around 70% of our questions were pretty easy. Now, only two teams in the finals were fairly regular quizzers, while the others were new to it. So, these two teams easily took a lead and maintained the lead throughout. So, excitement was lacking in the quiz, there was no photo-finish.


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