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Saturday, October 09, 2004

European dinner

We have several students from European business schools coming here every year for a term, as part of student-exchange programmes. Many of our students go to various European insititutes in return.
One of the things that these visiting students do every year is to organize a European dinner - dinner in the mess serving European recipes. This year's dinner took place today.

The mess was decorated with the usual ribbons and the lights were all off - it was to be a candlelight dinner. The candle arrangement was good and promising. There was a fairly long queue, at the end of which I picked up a plate and surveyed the scene. Nothing looked familiar. However, there were name plates for the dishes, based on which I selected the following:
  1. Tart a la Tomata: This was a tomato tart, which didn't seem very sweet to me
  2. Quiches: This was like a tomato-onion-other vegetables pizza
  3. Baked potatoes with onions: with mayonnaise
  4. Pasta: The exact kind of pasta was not mentioned, and I couldn't make any guess.

The food was very bland, and I had to put ketchup on every one of the above items to achieve some kind of taste. For us Indians, the total lack of spices is positively disturbing. Which also makes me wonder how these Europeans survive three months of spicy food here, and Indian students in Europe. However, the effort spent by the students in preparing these and the non-veg dishes must have been great and one must appreciate it. They were also very enthusiastic in explaining about the food in the mess.


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