How's my Luck now?

Reflections, views and descriptions during my stay at IIM Lucknow from July 2004 to March 2006

Location: India

Sunday, October 24, 2004

'A Hard Day's Nite'

Tansen got off to a start yesterday with a music show by the in-house band 3.4. For more than two hours, they sang some Hindi songs, and for once, they did it quite well. Some old (or relatively old) songs they sang were: 'taarif karun kya uski', 'hai apna dil to aawaara', 'ye javani, hai deevani', 'ye dosti, ham nahin todenge', 'vo chand khila, vo taare hanse', 'jaanejaan, dhuundhata phir raha' and a few more.
The second part of the show was going to be devoted to rock music, but due to some equipment problems, they finally couldn't go ahead with it.
Today, we have a general quiz, Hindi and English JAM competitions, eastern and western solo singing competitions and a particularly messy event - body painting.


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