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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Quiz week

As part of Tansen, we had 3 major quizzes on consecutive days this week, starting Sunday. My normal pairing was broken in these quizzes as the participation was by hostel-group. We were still a good team, however.
The first quiz was a general one. It had very good questions - some pretty involved ones, just like some of the rounds. We did quite well here, and were level with another team till the last question of the quiz, which went to the other team and we had to be satisfied with second place.
The second quiz, on business, was conducted by me. It was a good experience, as people enjoyed the quiz (both prelims and the finals). It was gratifying because I had spent quite some time searching out good questions/information.
The third quiz, on sports and entertainment, was going to be a bit difficult for me. We cruised to the finals, but were hopelessly outgunned by other teams in the finals, and finished last.
Three hours on a quiz every day at a time when academics has reached its peak in terms of assignments/extra classes meant that the last three days were very very hectic, and I was barely able to cope with next day's class preparation, etc. Nevertheless, it's over now and it was an enjoyable experience.


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