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Reflections, views and descriptions during my stay at IIM Lucknow from July 2004 to March 2006

Location: India

Monday, October 11, 2004

Talk on Quality & Six Sigma

We had a talk on 'Quality as a Business Driver - Wipro's Approach & Challenges' delivered by Mr. Jagdish Ramaswami, Vice President, Mission Quality at Wipro. It was quite an informative talk which showed Wipro's quality ladder, going from standards like ISO-9000 to Six Sigma, CMM Level 5, P-CMM, CMM-I & Lean. He talked about the business imperative of quality certification for software services firms like that of Wipro and then went on to explain Six Sigma in greater detail. He familiarised us with the scope of the standard, the statistical background on which the approach is based, the general approach followed for compliance in Wipro and illustrated the theory with two projects carried out by Wipro using the approach. The talk served the purpose of whetting my appetite to know more about this standard.


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