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Monday, November 22, 2004

CAT scan

This year's CAT for entry into the IIMs and several other business schools took place yesterday. The number of people taking the test is increasing at breakneck pace. Compared to 1.27 lakh people who appeared for the CAT in 2003 (i.e. when I gave it), this year as many as 1.51 lakh people appeared for it. Even if you remove 50% of this number as people who haven't been serious in their preparation, the competition is huge.
The surprise factor in this year's CAT was the question-paper format. Instead of questions with uniform marks (of 1 mark each), this year the paper had 0.5 mark, 1 mark, as well as 2 mark questions. This would certainly make choice very difficult - being constrained for time as well.
The job of the CAT organizers at the IIMs is extremely difficult and thankless, especially after the events of 2003.


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