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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Diwali celebration

Posting after a very long time. Windows has once again given me the slip and I am barely able to extract functionality out of the computer.
I will just briefly recapitulate the Diwali celebrations on campus. All the buildings on campus had been decorated with lights and it looked beautiful in the night. The evening began with a pooja in the Commercial Plaza and distribution of sweets. Then there was a goodly round of fireworks, the lighting of which was led by children of faculty here.
The Tansen team had organized a rangoli competition between hostel groups, and the response was quite good. Our hostels (3 & 4) made a rangoli depicting Ganesh. We also placed lamps all along the stairs and wrapped the railings in galgota flowers. Some more decorations later, we looked good. A small team of professors came visiting to the hostels. They were the judges of the competition and ultimately we came out second, behind hostels 5 & 6. The enthusiasm shown by students in making the rangoli-s was very good.
And then, of course, we had a good dinner with imrati and rabdi being the sweets. So, yet another festival was celebrated well here.


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