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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fluctuating fortunes

After two days and three good exams, today was another day for mistakes. The cost accounting paper today was quite straightforward, but I made big mistakes in two of the three questions, making my overall position in the subject precarious. Hoping for the best post-mid-term.
The exams end tomorrow with a Operations Mgmt. and Economics. Hopefully, I will be able to reverse today's performance.


Blogger ASHOK VAISHNAV said...

Since your very good at self-analysis, what I am going to state here would be rather redundant!
However, it seems that you are not able to do well, initially, in the subjects which are new to you conceptually.
One way to overcome this would be to do more reading from general management books/ journals on such subjects so that you get better feel of the issues and typical approach required at Problem-solving in such new subjects.e.g.Read Peter Drcuker; Galbraith or such authors whose books can be read as serious reading and fiction also.
Alternate approach is to browse thru' the entire course material and then mull over the basic intent of the subject and curriculum such that you can address asignments/ cases first from holistic angle and, then neccessarily as the specific issue on its merit.
In the final analysis, the marks , per say, in some of the subject disciplines would not matter as much as the capbility to defend the ( lack 0f) knowledge and present the competence gained - first at the time of FIRST JOB INTERVIEW and then in the practical life.
One of the definitions of Competence can be of help: It is much important, to know what one knows, to know hwat one does not know

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