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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Index - the marketing fair - I

A big event on the annual calendar of the institute took place this weekend - Index, the marketing fair. Index stands for 'Information through Disguised Experimentation'. The event takes place in Lucknow city. The major aim of the event is to generate vital inputs on local customer behaviour, preferences and other market research for companies and brands which participate in the event.
Preparation for the event started about two months back, when the Index teams formed - each team consisting of 20 people, 10 each from the first and the second year. Companies which wished to participate in the programme gave out their briefs and the participating teams made proposals for games that people would play while unwittingly generating some data for the brand. Finally, one team with the best overall proposal for a particular brand was chosen and asked to carry out their ideas at the main event. We had about 10 or 11 such teams this year. Not all the people would be allowed to enter a particular stall for a brand. Only if he/she matched the particular customer profile that the brand wished to target would he/she be allowed entry and participation in the activities of the stall.
Besides this, the other main event organized this year, only for the first year students, was 'Play the Brand'. Once again, the aim of participating teams was to create engaging games and give out prizes while making people try out samples of a product, etc. The difference from the above-mentioned stalls was that these stalls were open to all people who came to Index. The aim was more of brand or new-product awareness rather than generating any long-term useful data.
Just to keep the crowd engrossed, there were also informal events taking place. Since entry to the main stalls was restricted and queues tended to form, some other form of amusement was necessary to keep people busy.


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