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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Index - the marketing fair - II

Coming to this year's event. The amount of effort put in by everybody involved and the scale of the operation was huge. The Guru Nanak Jayanti holiday on Friday allowed the organizers (the Index Core committee) the necessary time to see things being put into place at the venue - the National College grounds near the K. D. Singh 'Babu' stadium in Hazratganj (just behind the venue was the Gomti - a dirty sight, unfortunately). The teams, which had been slogging to make the necessary props for their stalls, also went to the venue and set up their stalls. There was a formal dry run in the presence of a member of the faculty to measure the exact amount of time a person would spend in every stall.
The next day, the institute buses transported students directly to the venue. That brings me to my involvement in the event, which was only in the Informal events, along with Samrat, my quizzing partner. We had been asked to conduct two quizzes on the Informals stage - one in the style of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', and another a school quiz for which school teams had been pre-selected through written prelims. So we also boarded the bus for the venue on Saturday.
The ground selected was pretty large. A makeshift mess had also been set up and truckloads of cooked food came directly from the institute mess through the two days. Last-minute delays led to the event starting a bit late. But once it was on, there was a steady stream of visitors, keeping most stalls busy.
Our first quiz slot for the day lapsed because of the delay, and so we had nothing to do almost till the evening. So, I assisted a 'Play the Brand' team of our friends, making people play the games, fill the questionnaires, and urging them to watch a demo of the product.
Finally, we could conduct one KBC-style multiple-choice quiz with some enthusiastic characters from the audience. We had a fairly good response here. We had tried to slip in quite a few questions on Lucknow, UP & Uttaranchal to keep it easy. People did want more rounds of the quiz, but there simply wasn't enough time. Immediately following was the school quiz, and it was here that we met with disappointment. In an earlier school quiz held at the campus, the children had been pretty good in cracking answers to some good questions. We had prepared our questions keeping in mind that performance. But it turned out that more than 80% of our questions went unanswered and had to go to the audience. On top of that, time restrictions were pressing and we ultimately had to cut out two rounds of the quiz completely. So, not a good experience here, really.
By this time, we were both tired shouting ourselves hoarse for two hours, and decided to leave. We both had a haircut in Hazratganj (long overdue in my case). I bought a pair of sandals, we had the customary chaat and came back to the institute.
The next day met with a much more encouraging response from the Lucknow public, but I hadn't gone to the venue, choosing instead to relax with a book in my room. For students interested in marketing, this was indeed a good learning experience. For those involved in the Index Operations team and Systems team (which looked after operational details and computer systems for registrations, etc., respectively) also, this was a long and tiring experience.


Blogger CycloNurb said...

I think questions for quizzes should be prepared in buckets. The number of questions should be some multiple of questions that you have time for, so that in the case that you mention here, it is easier to just switch to a different difficulty level bucket.

I noticed a similar phenomenon with presentations. You always either have too much or too less time to present. I have started adding 5-6 additional slides at the end of the presentation detailing or illustrating things that are likely to raise questions. If you can just say that you already have a slide to answer some question asked at the end of the talk, it also gives a good impression on the audience.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Tadatmya Vaishnav said...

Thanks for that suggestion. It sounds very good. Regarding this particular quiz, we just assumed too much about our potential participants. We do have a reserve of easier questions, but we didn't have them along. No backups :(.

10:39 PM  
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