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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Summer placements

Immediately following Diwali, we had the first phase of our summer placement process, lasting a full 5 days. A lot of effort had gone into organizing the process and to ensure that it ran without any hitches on the actual placement days. And it did run like a well-oiled machine - there were hardly any significant problems from the organizers' side through the 5 days.
I should not reveal too many details of the process and the companies which visited, as the process is still going on for students who did not get placed in those 5 days. But it was an experience in itself - going every morning to see a sea of suits, people flitting about from one waiting room to another or to the makeshift mess, anxious students hopping from one group discussion to another and one interview to the next.
As for myself, I secured a summer placement at Cognizant Technology Solutions. I don't know where I will be placed, but it will most probably be Chennai - which means my summers will really be hot :). But then, I am looking forward to idli-s and dosa-s again.


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