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Friday, January 07, 2005

ek yaatraa - VI

Day 2: Varanasi/Sarnath/Allahabad, 29 Dec. 2004, Wednesday

Sarnath archaeological museum
The Archaeological Survey of India's museum in Sarnath is a must-visit place. It holds relics of ancient and medieval times, excavated here. Almost all relics are Buddhist ones - statues and busts of the Buddha and other 'gods' and 'goddesses', the Ashok Chakra, etc.; but there are also quite a few relics of the Jain religion. As you enter the museum, the central hall has the Ashokan pillar mounted by the four lions. The descriptions of the relics are precise. Touchscreen terminals are also present to give information about Buddhism, the museum, Sarnath's history, etc. Also, multi-lingual guides seemed to be available for guiding foreigners around the place.

Back to Varanasi and thence to Allahabad
The auto-wallah then brought us back to Varanasi, and deposited us right next to a private bus going to Allahabad. Since the bus had some time before it left, we grabbed a quick bite of samosa chhole and bread pakoda for lunch at a joint in the bus depot.
The journey to Allahabad was on the historic Grand Trunk Road, which passed through several villages and small towns. As it passed through these villages, it just became a paved road or brick road, instead of a tar road. Also, numerous repairs and construction were going on along the road. Consequently, even the non-stop journey took us three hours to reach Allahabad

In Allahabad
We had booked our room in the Rahi Tourist Bungalow of UP Tourism, on M.G. Road. There was a bit of a confusion on where to alight from the bus. Eventually, we got down at Civil Lines and hired two cycle-rickshaws, only to find that the tourist bungalow was only two minutes away from where we alighted.
Our room here was a high-ceilinged one on the first floor. Consequently, it was not cosy and was quite cold. It was also mosquito-infested, and these mosquitoes left their marks on our hands and faces over the two nights we stayed here.
We made our travel plans for the next day and then, as night fell, we went for a walk through Civil Lines. But as it turned out, we took the wrong route and did not see any market area. We visited a Hanuman temple, which was quite as large as Varanasi's Sankat Mochan temple, and crossed a street housing a 'Ludhiana market' - a market where cheap woollens and jackets, etc. were available. We didn't do much else for the day as we came back, had dinner in the bungalow's restaurant (a sumptuous and excellent 'yatri thali') and went to sleep, since we had to wake up early the next day.


Blogger ASHOK VAISHNAV said...

We had seen the movie-Legend of Bhagat Sinh- yesterday.This lent us a new dimension to our en passant visist to Chandrasekhar Azad Park in Allahabad. This is the park where Shri Azad was killed by Britishers, thru' "gaddari" by his clooleague, which resulted him in getting cornered in a massive cross-fire.

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