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Sunday, January 09, 2005

ek yaatraa - VIII

Day 3: Allahabad/Chitrakoot, 30 Dec. 2004, Thursday

Sati Anusooya temple
The last place we visited was the temple to Sati Anusooya. Anusooya had, by her powers, converted Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh to little children and their wives had to come to her and beseech the release of their husbands from this form. She also made the Ganga appear here in the form of the river Mandakini because her husband - Atri Muni - required holy water for his penance. Even Ram and Sita came and paid their respects to Anusooya. The powers of a pativrataa stree were thus to be noted.
The temple lies well off the main road and the road leading up to the temple is about the worst road I have ever travelled on. Not a second was the car steady throughout. The road just seemed never-ending. Finally we reached the place to see the green waters of the Mandakini cutting through a verdant forest. It was a beautiful scene. The temple had a lot of construction work going on. The temple has two floors over which exhibits depicting events in the life of Anusooya are shown. The sanctum is on the first floor where there are three cradles, supposedly to hold the child trinity.

Back to Allahabad
Finally, we made our way back to the car through people and monkeys and take the broken road back to meet the main road. By the time we dropped our boy-guide off at the bungalow, it was 3.15pm. We hadn't had lunch yet, and the driver of our taxi brought us to a nearby Rajasthani dhaba. We were reluctant to eat there at first, but then went in. We didn't regret it as the food was excellent - hot puri-s with two good sabzi-s.
Another 3.5 hours later, we were back in Allahabad in the tourist bungalow. We stayed in the room for the rest of the day and had dinner in the local restaurant. The next day, we would go for sightseeing at Allahabad.



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