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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hanuman's reward

A few days ago, the PMIR class discussion was on rewards and incentive schemes. The professor narrated a relevant joke, which was as follows:

After bringing the sanjeevani bootii to revive Lakshman, Hanuman raised his travelling bills to the accounts section. The clerk refused to reimburse Hanuman's expenses. Unhappy, Hanuman went directly to the CEO of Ayodhya, Lord Ram, and told him this. Ram called up the accounts clerk and asked him the reason why Hanuman was not reimbursed his travelling expenses.
Clerk: Because the Constitution of Ayodhya - our set of rules - does not permit it. And the Constitution was framed by your forefathers, Lord.
Ram: Ok, but what provisions are there in the Constitution?
Clerk: Well, Hanuman was sent to bring only the herb, but he brought the whole mountain. That's excess baggage for us!
Ram: Oh...but can't I exercise my discretion and reimburse him?
Clerk: You can....but there is another problem.
Ram: What?
Clerk: In the organization structure, Hanuman is a Grade 4 employee, and they are to be reimbursed only road and rail expenses. Hanuman is demanding airfare!!

Finally, Ram gives Hanuman money from his own pocket. The joke was meant to show that you can't be very rigid with your reward policies. You have to judge the achievement of the person and give rewards accordingly.


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