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Monday, January 17, 2005

Holmes' greatest quality

I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes (and Arthur Conan Doyle too, of course). I believe there are a lot of things to learn from the way Holmes conducts himself. He has great natural abilities, but even greater cultivated abilities. He possesses a quick mind and sharp intellect combined with deep knowledge of most things related to his profession. His logic and deductive abilities are legendary. He is doggedly persistent when on a trail. He does not shy of adventure. He has developed a keen sense of noticing the smallest parts of a scene and also the whole scene. He extracts out the most important details and weeds out the insignificant ones with remarkable accuracy. This list can still go on.

But why am I writing about these here? Because, of all these qualities, one stands out for its applicability to one's stay in a business school. But apart from just b-school students, it actually applies to almost every person who wants to be more productive and also find more fulfilment in his/her work. That quality is a near-karmayogic dedication to the one thing that he is doing at one time, to the total exclusion of extraneous things. The way he totally immerses himself in one task at a time (after identifying which is the most important) and also switches completely from task to another (or from a task to free time) in very little time, is amazing. If one can incorporate this quality in one's personality, it would be a great asset throughout life.


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