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Friday, January 28, 2005

Marketing assignment

There are days on which everything goes perfectly. Today was one such for our group in Marketing Mgmt. - II. An assignment in this subject was to study the distribution structure of one product (or category) of a company, that of its major competitors, and suggest relevant improvements.
We have selected HLL toilet soaps as our company and category, respectively. As part of primary data collection for the assignment, we went to the city today. We went straight to a wholesale market near Purania Chowk, called the Dandaiah Market (on Kursi Road). We had a great time there as we talked to wholesalers, retailers and an HLL agency (redistribution stockist) who were all located there. So, we actually met and covered three distribution levels. All of the people interviewed were really co-operative and we now have valuable data for the assignment. And we went from start to finish (including commute time) in just 4 hours. We are quite happy with our performance today.


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