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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fall from grace

I personally think journalistic standards at the Times Group have deteriorated considerably (especially those of the Times of India) in recent years. But you know something is seriously wrong when you open the Sunday Economic Times (no less) and find that it is almost entirely devoted to the Valentine's Day. Rs. 10 down the drain today...

The Lucknow Times carried an interview of a prominent UP politician on the subject of the Valentine's Day. The politician said, "We don't believe in this, it's a Western concept", etc. etc. The correspondent, not to be undone, persisted, "But still, who would you choose as your Valentine?" And the politician said, "My wife, of course!" The moron! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Guess I know what you mean. Although I must say that I got this feeling first the time ET decided that the cricket match India won was more important than the spectacular crash that had taken place the same day. The sensex fell over 300 points but apparently a pic of Sachin hitting a six was more important......or perhaps I missed their deep metaphorical intent of trying to show how investors had been hit for a six by the market....sad but true...

Hope today's papers were better.....

10:34 AM  
Blogger Tadatmya Vaishnav said...

:). Or rather, :(. Apt example. And I get really aggravated when they actually defend it. The Hindu rules.

11:06 AM  

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