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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mid-term time again

Saturday sees the beginning of yet another mid-term exam. This one will be a whirlwind of 7 exams in 5 days. This term, most of the subjects are very descriptive in nature, and so it's very difficult to concentrate on any one for any significant length of time. Basically, the feeling of being 'globed' comes about before a half-hour is out :).
In this situation, it is Financial Mgmt. - II which comes to the rescue. The brilliant textbook written by Brealey and Myers is such a refreshing read that the fatigue of 'globe' wears away fast. They deal with corporate finance in a very clean way that clears the big picture in the mind. And, they have a good sense of humour as well.


Blogger Darth Midnightmare said...'re lucky to like it. Somehow, I can't understand Fin. Can't make head or tail of for me, this term is a real nightmare. :-(

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