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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Role play in Communications

In our Communications - II class, our group had been asked to present a role play on the topic of 'Cross-cultural Communication' - what kinds of things Indian businessmen need to keep in mind when dealing with people of different cultures for the purpose of business. We depicted a situation wherein a sales manager of an Indian software firm tried to sell the firm's products and services to big-ticket clients in Japan, Saudi Arabia and the USA. We showed how after failing miserably while dealing with the first two (due to ignorance of cultural mores), the manager learns, takes advice, and seals a deal with the US prospects.
But we did not just go and act this out. We smelled a chance to parody something, and we did parody it. What that something is, I cannot reveal here. But we couldn't go the full distance because of paucity of time, otherwise the class was having a fairly entertaining time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep...that was a really nice one. The take on SA and specially AK was really part was the thumping it provoked really did sound like a "TON OF BRICKS" :-)). Now, I'm just waiting for your the way, am I right in assuming it was your idea???

1:29 AM  

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