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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Quizzing nite...

...that I never attended.

Yesterday, a few of the outgoing PGP-2's had organized a quizzing nite. This was something done last year as well. The idea was for quizzers to gather in an informal setting and quiz the whole night. Each person had to come with his own set of questions and each would be allowed to be quizmaster in turn. There was to be no audience.
Around 7-8 people did gather yesterday in Hostel 9, but by the time all arrangements were done, it was already 1.15am. I was feeling particularly sleepy yesterday and ultimately did not go, despite having prepared some questions. The quizzes lasted till 8am in the morning. It was pretty good, as Samrat told me today, but I could never have stayed the course anyway.


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