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Saturday, April 16, 2005

From Chennai

I began my summer internship at Cognizant Tech. Solutions here in Chennai on the 11th of April. People doing their summers in Chennai are laughed at, consoled, commiserated with, felt sorry for, etc. Hardly anyone is happy about another person landing a summer at Chennai.

But having been here a week, I can say that the city has its positives and negatives. It's not all that bad being here. The negatives are as follows (the positives in another post later):
  • I am staying at a YMCA hostel in Royapettah. At first sight, the rooms looked really bad. The toilet needed real cleaning and the bulb sockets in the toilet also didn't work. It seemed difficult to spend more than a couple of days here. But after a week and with the initial problems solved, I feel quite comfortable now.
  • The heat is the main villain here. The sun is blazing hot, and combined with the humidity, it saps out energy from your body. Perspiration makes you feel sticky all day and your clothes get dirty. And this is only April. However, evenings do become quite cool and a good breeze keeps blowing which enables sound sleep at night.
  • Water scarcity is another problem. Running water comes only from morning till noon. So you have to keep buckets filled and hope there will be no inordinate need for water in the rest of the day. Even drinking water is a problem, as it is salty and disease-causing at most places. So you have to rely on bottled mineral water.
  • The auto-rickshaws are a major pain. There is no metering system in place. The last time meters were updated was in 1989. So you have to haggle with the auto-wallahs every single time (provided you know what a realistic fare should be).
  • The language problem is there, but thankfully, it is not as severe as it is made out to be. Penetration of basic English is quite good and the most basic of conversations can take place without much misunderstanding.


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