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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

To Pondicherry - II

Taking our time to arrive at a reasonable price for two auto-rickshaws to go to Auroville, we finally got into the vehicles and were off to Auroville. As far as I could make out, we recrossed the whole city of Pondicherry and some distance beyond to reach the township of Auroville. The extensive greenery and the red soil reminded me of Surathkal. As luck would have it, the globe-shaped meditation hall (Matrimandir) was closed on the Sunday afternoon. The auto-wallahs had very slyly not told us this small detail before we started. Still, we went inside the premises and had coffee there. Visiting the Information Reception Centre there, we saw that the aim of Auroville is to create a self-sustaining township where people of any nationality, race, creed, or colour live together in peace. To symbolize this, there is a big urn there which has the soils of 120 nations. There were excellent photographs tracing the history of Auroville, including its various organic farming and alternative enery source harnessing projects. The entire project has been going on for the last 35 years.

As we headed to Aurobeach from here, we could see numerous foreigners sweating it out on rented bicycles or driving bikes and mopeds. The beach, at last, was one place which turned out to be very good. It was very clean and the Bay of Bengal seemed nice and friendly (at least for the time being). As I relaxed on the sands, a few of us had a bathing session in the sea, until it was time to get back.

Returning to the bus depot for catching a bus back to Chennai, we saw that there were either point-to-point buses or express buses, with 1 express bus for every 5 or 6 p-to-p buses. From this, it was obvious to us that we should book a ticket on a faster, i.e. express, bus. Alas, we were wrong. The express buses were actually the slower ones, according to the local logic, and we managed to reach the Chennai bus terminus in 3.5 hours at 12 in the night. The only saving grace was that we could view the sands on the shore and the sea from the East Coast Road, awash in the light of the full moon.

Finally, we did not haggle with the auto-wallah who took us from the CMBT back to YMCA. We quarreled with him :). At 12.30am, the driver left thinking we were a couple of lunatics. He didn't know that he wasn't very far wrong...


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