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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Two films

I watched a couple of movies in the Sathyam multiplex near my hostel last week. Both had
virtually unknown cast. The first one - "A Cinderella Story" - was just an attempt at
passing time with a group of 10 people. It served as just that, and nothing more. It was a rehash of the Cinderella fairy-tale in a modern American setting. The key point was: we got to be seated in plush leather couches in an air-conditioned environment, avoiding the
scorching Chennai afternoon :).

The second movie was "Flight of the Phoenix", which we opted to watch thinking it would be an action movie. It was really a drama-in-real-life kind of a movie. A transport aircraft carrying an oil rig and its crew out from Mongolia is caught in a huge sandstorm in the Gobi desert and is forced to have an emergency landing in the middle of the desert. How the people then manage to survive and get out of the desert forms the main story. Luckily for the people, the group had an aircraft designer on board, who managed to design an airplane out of the parts of the old one (I was reminded of a certain aerospace engineer in my class at that time :) ). Only, that person designed model aircraft for a living, putting an added twist in the tale. The drama created in the film was quite good, although some of the scenes (like that of the swirling sandstorm) looked clearly contrived through computerized special effects. But it is a very watchable film and the cast give good performances.


Anonymous Mahesh said...

If the 'certain' aerospace engineer is the guy who I sat next to in the past year, then I'm not too sure he could have managed a similar feat...

8:49 PM  
Blogger Samrat said...

well said Mahesh, MPKs creativity and design goes mostly to his PJs rather then in planes.

hey this movie theme reminded me of the game conducted by our BIO prof in sem 1.
The one where a group has to select top 10 things to take if they get lost in a desert.

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Mukund said...

PDF designing an aircraft? Man, really makes me shudder even imagining it!!! As Magesh said though, I can't imagine that chap even designing a paper rocket..... :-)

9:52 AM  

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