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Friday, July 22, 2005


With 3 mid-term exams out of the way in 2 days and 2 more slated for tomorrow, things are moving at a fast pace. Today's Strategic Mgmt. exam was very enjoyable, with a 25-page case on eBay's foray into e-retailing (from online auctions) to be analysed. The case, prepared by Univ. of Alabama professors, read like a story. It was structured very well, and we got a lot of clarity on the business model and the workings of a pioneering Internet firm. The questions based on the case were also sequenced in a nice way, reflecting the kind of thinking process expected.

In contrast, the other paper - Supply Chain Mgmt. - was a classic descriptive paper, with 25- and 30-mark descriptive questions. After years and years of such exams, I am utterly bored and tired of answering questions that begin with the phrases "Describe briefly" or "Explain in detail", and end in "giving suitable examples where necessary".


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