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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The news this week

It's been a very busy week, which is unusual as it was only the second week of the term. But the load of assignments and classes was great. As our MSD professor said today, while handing out the second assignment: 'As one door closes, another one opens'. So another round of assignments is ready and waiting.

This is not to say that the term has been a drag. In fact, this is the most exciting time I've had since coming here. The subjects are of my own choosing, and so far, I am extremely happy with my selection. Attending classes is a far from unhappy experience. The breaks between classes also have been such as to encourage visits to the library :), so I have caught up on a lot of Harvard Business Reviews, McKinsey Quarterlys, Fortunes, and Economists.

The new batch of students has come in, and is undergoing induction. The only reason I have to grumble about this development is that the mess remains too full at most times, and waiting inordinately long for food makes me irritable :). There have been some changes in the subject structure for the new batch which might make it a bit more tough on them. Research Methodology no longer exists in the third term (an unwise move, in my opinion) and is replaced by two half-credit courses in Advanced Data Analysis and Strategic Mgmt-I. This will be one tough term for these people.

The monsoon has set in, and regular showers are now to be expected in the evening and during the night. The humidity has increased, and the insects are starting to proliferate, but the situation overall is still quite agreeable.


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