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Reflections, views and descriptions during my stay at IIM Lucknow from July 2004 to March 2006

Location: India

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big Crunch

I don't know if every term here starts in a Big Bang, but it surely ends in a Big Crunch :). The crunch time is here again, with one week to go for the end-term exams. In the next few days, I have the following things on my agenda: two project submissions, two term-paper submissions, one assignment, one book review, one subject viva. And I definitely don't have the greatest workload - many others have yet more things to submit. Preparation for exams and readings for the remaining classes should be counted over and above all this. In such times, the half-hour spent cycling on most days is a great freshener. After another spell of rain in the last week, the weather in the evening is, in textbook-ish language, salubrious. The colours in the sky at twilight are delightful to see, although the thicker clouds do play spoilsport.


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