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Friday, August 19, 2005

Good days, bad days

Everyone has their good days and bad days, but considering that much of this goodness/badness may be one's own creation, without enough self-regulation, life would become a series of one-day cricket matches. What you achieve at the end of the day would depend on how well you played on that day, and history would not matter too much. (Of course, the more adventurous would actively seek such a life, but very high volatility is not for me).

I had a really bad day yesterday. Thursday and Friday are the most gruelling days of the week in terms of class schedule (5.5 hours each day with uneven breaks in between). But yesterday, there were two quizzes as well. In the pre-announced quiz in CBM, it turned out that I was ill-prepared, while in the surprise CorVal quiz, I was inexplicably hasty and unthoughtful. We also received the Strategic Mgmt. mid-term papers, and I found that I had done worse than I had expected. After dinner, I could not concentrate and wasted a lot of time.

By total contrast, today has been a wonderful day. Attention levels in class were excellent, and I gained a lot from them. I am also feeling energetic and upbeat about the rest of the day (there are about 5 hours before I retire to bed).


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