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Monday, August 15, 2005

A great game of cricket

I watched one of the best Test matches in a long, long time - the third Ashes Test. What a series this has been! England are finally behaving like equals and Australia are finding themselves in desperate situations and having to dig deep into their reserves just to survive. I like the situation :). This series has been good for Test matches in general. The matches have been far more engrossing than those stupid one-dayers on dead pitches in dull Sri Lanka.

The most cited reason for Australia's bad performances on this England tour has been that this is an ageing team. But the team did not age suddenly, and most of the players are still able to give superb performances. In my opinion, the biggest contributory factor to the Aussie debacle so far is arrogance and complacency. No one typifies this attitude more than Matthew Hayden. In this respect, I have liked England's attitude when dominating. They have been sporting right
through, something the Aussies simply seem unable to be. Steve Waugh seemed to me to be a stabilizing influence on the team, having seen bad days in his career. And thus, England might be doing a service to Australia if they bring them down to earth. An Australian team with more grounded beliefs about their relative abilities will be more dangerous, whether ageing or not.


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