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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mental cleansing

The mark of good reading is that it should cleanse your mind, make it clean and clear, just like a good bath cleanses the body. I felt so cleansed after reading the latest issue of The Economist in a between-classes break yesterday. This may seem like an exaggeration, but the sheer variety and clarity of the articles was great. I read views on the new India-US friendship, Pakistan's madrassa-s, the yuan revaluation, Alan Greenspan's views on the US economy (in which he said that although the US housing market was overheated, it could not be called a 'bubble', maybe only 'froth'), research on 'agent metaphors' (i.e. animate description of inanimate things, in the context of the stock market), reviews of two books on the great physicist Robert Oppenheimer (this busted a few personal impressions of the man), an obituary of ex-British PM Sir Edward Heath, and the business sense of the Colombian pop star Shakira. Eight articles on vastly different topics in the space of two hours...


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