How's my Luck now?

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The end-term exams began today, and barring one holiday in between, I have 7 exams in 4 days. In a way, of course, it will be good to get it over with quickly, but in terms of preparation, it's a race against time. Yet again, the exam has gotten off to a false start for me, in terms of the Commercial Bank Mgmt. paper today, in which 15 marks (out of 60) is my Value at Risk :), and 20 or more is the potential Extreme Loss. Frankly, I was not happy with some of the questions asked, a common feeling today for many. I had simply not prepared for something I thought was not supposed to be asked in an exam. The next two days have four exams in store. Let's hope I recover like England did in the current Ashes series.


Blogger Darth Midnightmare said...

Howz the recovery going sir? Am sure it's been managed....tomorrow sees CorVal right? Du also have MSD? All the best anyway......

10:17 AM  

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