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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rule of three

There are several 'rules of three' in various different fields, ranging from witchcraft to business strategy (propounded by the late Sumantra Ghoshal). I have a personal 'rule of three', much more mundane than the celebrated ones, but still pretty fundamental.

It is that I am able to break up most of my likes and dislikes into three broad, distinct classes by the degree to which I like each entity in an area. For example, in music, the classes are: 'songs & music which I would like to hear any time and any number of times at once', 'music which I would like to hear once in a while and enjoy, but not very often', and 'music which I would prefer not to listen to at all'. Similar classes exist for food, books & reading, games & sports, etc. I have found that it also applies to people that I come into contact with: some I would always like to be with; some I would like to meet once in a while, but not too often; and some I would prefer never to meet at all. Again, as I said, this seems pretty ordinary and obvious, but somehow I feel there might be something fundamental here.


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