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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fifth gear

I am back from a week-long vacation for the penultimate term of the course. It promises to be gruelling, although perhaps less so than the fourth term.

The past week was not altogether happy for me, as the first three or four days were spent in overcoming one of the most severe stomach upsets (and consequent problems) I have ever had. In fact, I had reached home in a dazed state, having travelled the whole day without eating anything. So I was not much in the mood for watching movies - lately the interest that consumes most of the vacation. Instead, I read three excellent Gujarati books (two of them translated from Bengali) and the entire stock of Gujarati magazines accumulated during the three-month absence from home.

And I watched, with great satisfaction, as Australia tried and tried, but couldn't pull off a series-leveller, and England finally and deservedly lifted the Ashes. The end of an era in modern cricket, surely. Because of my ill-health, I couldn't watch the best of US Open tennis action, which happened late at night. Interestingly, the men's and women's tennis scene seem to have been interchanged of late. 7 or 8 ladies now seem equally capable of winning a given Grand Slam tournament, while (barring the French Open so far), Roger Federer winning the men's tournament is an inevitability. Unless real competitors like Safin (and not pretenders like Roddick or Hewitt) pull up their socks, Federer is going to stamp his greatness on the world of tennis unchallenged.


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