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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Festival break

It is rare to get two holidays in a row in the middle of a term here. But Durga Pooja yesterday and Dashera today ensured that we got them this term. It is a welcome break, although academic activity has not reached demanding proportions yet. Entries to a few competitions are over and done with, although I must say I haven't done very well in those. Some activity is happening on campus to generate some festive spirit, like a faculty-students cricket match, dinner, some informal events, etc. However, many people have left for hill-stations - Naini Tal, Almora and Rushikesh being the most popular - for the holidays, so aggregate activity is less.

Added later:
As part of the Dashera celebrations, some of our professors sang a few songs (though not quite related to the festival). I liked the rendition of 'man re, tuu kaahe na dhiir dhare' - the Rafi-Roshan-Sahir classic. There was also supposed to be a Ravan-dahan after a long time at IIML (I couldn't stay to watch). For the highly politicized state that is UP, however, burning of effigies of political Ravan-s is not uncommon. We must note that this comparison is unfair, because the Ravan of the Ramayan was quite a learned person.


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