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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Marks-ism and some developments

My posting frequency has decreased because of the relative uneventfulness that has characterized this term. A few developments have happened however, which I would like to note, if only for the sake of record.

The corrected papers of all Term-IV subjects, save one, have been shown. I am lagging far behind my relative position in all other terms, and so expect the worst term GPA among those that I have got so far. There are many marks-ists here, believers in marks as a kind of Holy Grail to be pursued with all your might. How trivial this pursuit seems when put in the perspective of an entire life or career! In this respect, at least, two appropriate lines by Sahir need to be heeded:
jo mil gayaa usiiko muqaddar samajh liyaa
jo kho gayaa, main usako bhulaataa chalaa gayaa

The last mid-terms of this course are approaching. However, there is still relatively little to read up. Concept-wise, this term has been fairly rich so far, but thankfully, that hasn't translated into commensurate academic requirements.

Chill has set in, particularly in the evenings, at night and early in the morning. It is also slightly hazy at night (light mist) and the ground is wet in the morning with dew. Another chilling Lucknow winter approaches...


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