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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The last mid-term exams of the course (there won't be a mid-term exam in the last term) ended today. It may be that all's well that ends well. But what if all goes well except the end? That's what happened to me as I wrote the first 6 exams quite well, but was checkmated in the last one - Financial Derivatives.

But then, everyone else was stumped as well. The subject is highly quantitative, and requires extensive use of calculations. But this paper did not require the help of a calculator. It required the abilities of Shakuntala Devi in order to do well (i.e. complete the paper in 2 hours). One of the questions required so much calculation that I spent 5-10 minutes just wondering if there was a trick or a shortcut to the answer. The paper did not require conceptual strength much at all, so I wonder what the point of it all was. I feel bad about this because I really like this subject, and I think I am quite sound conceptually.


Blogger Darth Midnightmare said...

Yeah...heard about that paper...but then I don't think that's an exception...happens every year. And we did get a taste of something similar in the FM2 mids if my memory serves me correctly...

As for the wildlife on campus, I had heard of these nilgais (there are 3-4) on campus. They've been here since we came here last year (at least). In addition, there are alos foxes. I actually managed to capture the image of one of them...quite a cute creature... :-). Though I must admit, the prospect of running into one of them when alone on the back-road is not really thrilling...even those peacocks scare me on that front...I've heard their beaks are quite hard...and then there are 4-5 in a bunch, I think stronger men than me would quail at the thought of facing an attack!!!

Moral of the story? Smile at them and greet 'em courteously when you pass...or slink by in the shadows :-)

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