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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Super Series

It would be interesting to watch how the Super Series - Australia vs. ICC World XI - goes. Although quite hyped, I daresay it has lost some of its sheen of being a 'best vs. the rest' kind of encounter, as the aura around Australia has been well and truly dispelled by England. At the same time, I would say that Australia start favourites, mostly because this is an unequal contest. The World XI team looks formidable on paper, but it is true (cliched, but true nevertheless) that 11 good players may not necessarily make a good team. And these are players from various countries, who have so far been used to playing against each other, rather than with each other. If in spite of this, they manage to win matches (or ideally, both the series), it would be a tribute to their teaming skills (or to Australia's decline :) ). Let's hope that such a thing does indeed happen.

Post-match update:

So I assumed right. At least in the first match, things came unstuck for the World XI. The captain, Shaun Pollock, has said that 'the guys are hurting' and that their pride has been dented. But I think that is more rhetoric than anything else. I find it difficult to imagine where the players will get the motivation to play for a nebulous World team. Examples of past series, notably the ones in the '70s are cited as counter-arguments, where matches were very competitive and players like Barry Richards felt highly motivated. But that was then, and this is now. With so much cricket being played, do two or three bad matches really dent the reputation of these players? And the upside (adulation) will also be more when performing for the national side than for a motley World side. So, unequal contest it is.


Blogger CycloNurb said...

hmm, I guess all you get from a side of good 11 players is a higher probability of someone giving a match-winning performance. Also, the World XI may have an edge in the bowling department, with variety and quality, but the australian bowling attack is still the same for all batsmen. Flintoff does have a psychological advantage though coming out of a successful series against australia.

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