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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's in a game?

Four of us took part in a game called 'minDunes' yesterday. This was a sub-event of an event called IBLC conducted by the Innovision committee here. Our team had not qualified for the entire event, for which an elimination round had been held earlier. But competition for 3 IIML teams was thrown open for this particular sub-event, the teams to be chosen by a short quiz. We made it to the event through this route.

Besides 4 teams from IIML, the event had teams from IIMs A, B & I, and XLRI - a total of 10 teams. The game consisted of devising a growth strategy for an Indian telecom firm, each team being given a different company. Through three rounds, we had to react to regulatory and competitive developments in devising our strategy. Besides, we had to make a decision on whether to acquire four different firms which were up for sale. Our team had got a very weak player, whose fundamentals were going nowhere - making losses and having a negative net worth, even after 5-6 years of operation. So we decided that the most suitable strategy for us would be to find an interested strategic investor or a fellow Indian telecom firm and get acquired.

Finally, all teams had to present their strategy to the judges. While some of the teams had reasoned quite well in building their strategies, some were without focus, and even plain wrong. The telecom industry is not an easy one to understand, considering the vast array of services that are included, and the technologies and regulatory constraints present. So some terminology was used incorrectly. Our presentation was by far the simplest. We did not find any use for acquisitions, and instead declared that we were up for sale ourselves. We did make an elementary accounting mistake, but it did not have any impact on our strategy. We also answered the questions posed fairly adequately. However, the judges apparently didn't think so, for we ended up at or near the bottom of the pile. I don't think our performance was that bad, but then, what's in a game? (No actually, there's a lot in a game, but the above statement was just an attempt at self-consolation :) ).


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