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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Recent happenings on campus seem almost surreal, straight out of a dream (or rather, a nightmare). The proliferation of animals is giving some real problems. The dogs are as wild and as numerous as ever. After the dog-bite incident, another stunning incident happened yesterday evening. Right in front of the academic block, a rampaging nilgai gave two first-year students no chance of reacting as it grounded them. One of them fell unconscious and sustained a hairline fracture in the arm. So fast was the nilgai that this guy never actually saw it - before or after the incident. And who should be behind all this but the dogs. Two dogs, which must have been troubling the nilgai, had aroused the excitable Big Bertha to charge down to the academic block.

Later, at night, two of my friends discovered a dead dog near my hostel. This dog was in rigor mortis, with horror on its face and no apparent signs of injury :). Possibly, it might have suffered from a poor heart, and the sight of a nilgai at full throttle was too much for its heart to bear :).
Another weird sighting in the evening today was a dog with something resembling a shirt collar on its back, looking like it had just returned from a fresh attack on someone.

Today we asked a guard on our half-walk (the full walk is rendered impossible by the bovine creatures) about the nilgai. He said there was a whole family of them on campus, some of which were walled in when the campus wall was built! Now, they can jump the wall, and go in and out at will. Some dogs were foolish enough to kill a baby nilgai, igniting the dog-nilgai battle.

Now the list of animals spotted on campus reads as follows: dogs, nilgai-s, snakes, foxes/jackals, (allegedly) hyenas, tortoises, porcupines, peacocks. Enough to declare IIML a sanctuary and earn revenue through tourism.

Owing to the numerous holidays this term, the class schedule has also gone for a toss. Scheduling is a nightmare, and notices on classes are coming thick and fast. Perhaps a stock ticker-type announcement mechanism is required, the regular noticeboard won't work :).


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