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Friday, December 02, 2005

Time squeeze

The familiar experience of leisure time vanishing near the end of the term is back. I am just hopping from project to project, from a submission to a quiz and then back to a submission. Of course, in this term, wilful neglect of projects early on in the term due to the spate of competitions that many people took part in, is a contributory factor to this situation. Generally, the quality of projects and term papers suffers because of this last-minute rush. But I have managed well so far in all my group projects and assignments.

Last weekend was the Index weekend - the marketing fair (or 'market intelligence event' as it has been repositioned to) conducted in Lucknow city. The Nehru Bal Vatika ground at Aliganj was the venue. Although the venue is smaller, the response from the Lucknow public was better because of Aliganj being a residential area, and the avoidance of a head-on clash with the Lucknow Mahotsav, which clashed with Index again. I was not involved with the event in any way, so a few of us just went there for half an hour or so.

The end-term exam, the penultimate exam of the course, is scheduled to start from Tuesday, the 6th. Preparation is shoddy so far, but fortunately, only a couple of subjects have some kind of heavy preparation to be done.


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