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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Manfest - I

As I had said in my last post, the last three days (including today) have given me some good material to write about, as IIML's annual management fest - Manfest - was held. Besides some thought-provoking talks and panel discussions and some entertainment, this Manfest has also enriched me monetarily :).

Capital gains

I took part in two quizzes and two other competitions, and won quite a lot of money. In the Business Quiz, conducted by Gautam Bhimani, the man from ESPN-Star Sports, our team consisting of Samrat and I did not qualify for the finals. However, we won the General Quiz conducted by one of our alumni of the 2004 batch - Gaurav Sabnis (he maintains a very popular blog here). In another contest billed the 'Battle of B-schools' - a team game consisting of solving a series of puzzles, etc. - we again did not qualify for the final round. And finally, in the well-known Beer Game - a game on supply chain and the so-called 'bullwhip effect' - we won and collected a handsome amount.


I'll dwell on the quizzes first. Last year, the Business Quiz was a hit with the general audience because of its entertaining character, while the General Quiz could not have been worse. This year, it was the opposite, at least for me. Gautam Bhimani may have given it his best effort, but it failed to make the quiz very interesting. In fact, it resembled the well-known 'Brand Equity quiz' more than a business quiz. Most questions were of the fact-based, you-either-know-it-or-you-don't variety. There were a few good questions thrown in, to be sure, but they were too few. Advertising, marketing, brands and sports dominated the quiz. To be frank, I had set a much better business quiz last year in the inter-hostel event called Tansen. I don't understand why connects and other more exotic formats generally used in quizzes are hardly ever used by these professional quizmasters. Business history and business environment are very fascinating subjects, and they deserve a better deal. No team from IIML made it to the finals, which decreased the popular interest in the quiz somewhat.

The General Quiz more than lived up to expectations. Gaurav Sabnis had set up a very enjoyable quiz, spanning a wide variety of areas, with intelligently set up connects. These were the best couple of hours of quizzing I have had in a long time. The contest was also close between our team and another IIML team which eventually came second, so the quiz was alive till the last round. We were both in good form, so winning gave added satisfaction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Quiz by Gautam Bhimani resembled "Brand Equity" as the Quiz was done by DerekO'No Brain & Associates(who do all the work) !!

BTW who won the Business Quiz?

5:57 AM  
Blogger Tadatmya Vaishnav said...

The Business Quiz was won by Delhi School of Economics, with IMT, Ghaziabad coming in second and corporate team from TCS, Kolkata, coming in third.

10:08 PM  

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