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Monday, January 16, 2006

A 'place' in the sun

This ten-day long break is the longest that I have taken on this blog. The reasons are twofold and apparently contradictory (but not really so): nothing much is happening, and the lateral placements process (for which I am eligible) are going on. So something is happening - people are getting jobs, daily talk is dominated by who has got an offer from which company, whether he/she will accept it or not, and the merits and demerits of his/her decision. Yet this is not too different from the routine that placements in B-schools in India go through, so there is nothing extraordinary to report. I had applied selectively to only a few companies, and have so far failed to make any headway. So in the words of lyricist Shailendra (writing for the film 'Naukri'): 'ek chhoTii sii naukarii kaa talabagaar huu.N mai.n' :). Of course, students here don't desire a 'chhoTii sii naukarii' (expectations of IIM students being quite high and all that), so bargaining over pay and profiles is very common.

As IIML's annual management festival - 'Manfest' - approaches, there is hope of getting a lot of material to write about, as there are a lot of good speakers coming down to campus.


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